MHS at SHS Football Game

  1. Only digital tickets will be sold.
    • Do not redeem your tickets. If you redeem them, you will not be able to enter.
    • Do not take a screenshot of your ticket. It will not be valid. Ticket takers must be able to redeem them at the gate.
  2. Permanent ASB cards will be accepted. NO TEMPORARY ASB CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If you have a temporary card, you need to get your punch in S-2 ASAP.
  3. We (MHS) have one entrance. It is on Westmoreland and Gardner Dr. If you enter on the SHS side, you will sit on the SHS side. There is no crossing over.
  4. No backpacks or large bags will be allowed. All bags will be subject to search.
  5. No outside food allowed.