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Advanced Placement

Montebello High School offers a wide variety of college-level courses. Our Advanced Placement (AP) courses are open to all students who meet the prerequisite requirements.
Why take college-level courses in high school? Enrolling in an AP class and passing exams may assist students in gaining admission to college and earning college credits. Taking these rigorous classes also prepares students to succeed in college courses. Additionally, AP courses are worth 5 GPA points instead of 4 which means students could raise their school GPA beyond a 4.0!
Students must sign a contract acknowledging that they have read the syllabus and are willing to take on the responsibility of additional work (summer assignments may be required).
If a student wants to drop an AP class, they must do so before the end of the fourth week. All students who are in the AP class at the start of the 5th week will remain until the end of the semester.
All students are eligible to participate in AP/Honors classes.
Some AP classes require prerequisite courses, see requirements.