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School Rules & Regulations


Cell phones are allowed to be used before school, nutrition, lunch, and after school ONLY. Cell phones are not to be used at any other time including passing periods. Students outside of class during class time are not allowed to use any cell phones. Cell phones are to be kept out of sight (inside pocket, purse, backpack, etc.). Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the item being confiscated and sent to room A-1. 
First time offenders will need a parent to pick up their items on Mondays or Fridays before or after school only.
Second time offenders will not have their items returned until the end of the school year.
Students who bring a cell phone to school do so at their own risk.


All electronic devices such as BT speakers, iPods, radios, MP3 players, gaming devices, cameras etc. are prohibited during instructional time; which includes: classroom instruction, assemblies, and during any emergency evacuations. Electronic devices may be used during non-instructional time such as: before and after school, nutrition, and lunch. Electronic devices that are seen, heard or used during instructional time, assemblies and during emergency evacuations will be confiscated and sent to A-1.
First time offenders will need a parent to pick up their items on Mondays or Fridays before or after school only.
Second time offenders will not have their items returned until the end of the school year.
Students who bring these items to school do so at their own risk.


Students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate to the classroom learning environment and in a manner that is not distracting to the educational process. Parents of students wearing inappropriate clothing will be called to bring in a change of clothes or take the student home. Repeat offenders may be subject to suspension. Montebello High School follows a standardized dress code policy for all high schools.
  • Pants must fit at the waist and the pant leg must not extend more than 5 inches from the leg.  Long baggy shorts or “cut-offs” extended below knee, worn with long socks that are pulled up are not allowed.
  • Clothing with drug/alcohol/sex/gang references, profanity or inappropriate graphics are not allowed.
  • Students will be allowed to wear hats to school as long as the bill of the hat faces forward. Only MHS Beanies may be worn.
  • Bare midriffs are not allowed. Tops must be within 1” of waistband. Shoulder straps must be a minimum of 1”.
  • Excessively revealing clothing is not allowed. No spaghetti straps or tank tops are allowed. Necklines should not be low cut. Skirts/shorts must be fingertip length.
  • See-through clothing and undershirts are not allowed.
  • Accessories: jewelry with metal studs or sharp edges, chains, extended belt lengths, and dark glasses at school are not allowed.


A student will be recommended for expulsion and arrested on the first offense for the following acts:
  • Possession or brandishing of a knife, ice pick, screwdriver, or dangerous weapon.
  • Possession of a firearm.
  • Possession of drugs with the intent to sell.


Possession of a useable quantity of a drug will result in suspension, police contact, arrest, and possible recommendation for expulsion. Possession of drug paraphernalia and/or suspicion of drug use may lead to suspension and possible recommendation for expulsion.


Tagging is vandalism, and anyone caught doing so faces possible suspension and/or arrest. Bringing markers, paint markers, anything to etch with, or other tagging materials to school is prohibited and may result in suspension.


It is expected that students conduct themselves in a manner which respects the rights of other students and staff. These include:
  • the right to a safe, non-threatening environment.
  • the right to courtesy at all times.
  • the right to protection of private property.
  • the right to have a clean school.
  • the right to hear only acceptable language.


MHS is a closed campus. Students who leave campus without permission are subject to a citation and Saturday School. All students are expected to wear their school I.D. at all times. Students who are dropped from a class or have completed participation in a sport must carry an appropriately marked ID card in order to leave school.


Students must clear all fines before they register for classes. Also, they must clear detention and fines in order to participate in any extracurricular school activities. These include, sports, music, dances, Prom Grad Night, cap and gown distribution, and graduation ceremony are considered extracurricular school activities.


Vending machines are off limits during class time.


Students may bring bicycles to school at their own risk. The school is not responsible for stolen items or damage to these items. Students should lock their bicycles in designated areas and must walk bikes on campus at all times. Students must wear a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet that meets the standards of either the American Society of Testing and Materials or the United States Consumer Product Safety commission, or standards subsequently established by those entities while riding a motorbike or bicycle.


Skateboards are not allowed on campus. Students who do bring skateboards do so at their own risk. All skateboards are to be secured in the skateboard rack and locked. Students can retrieve them after school. Teachers are not to store them in their classrooms for students. Students who have a skateboard in their possession on campus will have it confiscated and sent to the campus security office. 
First time offenders will need a parent to pick up their skateboard.
Second time offenders will not have their skateboard returned until the end of the school year.


All students must wear their current year MHS ID on the MHS lanyard at all times while on campus and in the classroom. Replacement ID=$5 Lanyard=$1. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.


FIRST OFFENSE: Confiscated items will be released to parents/guardians on Mondays and Fridays only, before or after school.
SECOND OFFENSE: Confiscated items will be released to parents/guardians at the end of the school year.